3-003 SeeLonger(= MoodMax+ Vitasee)

SeeLonger consists two products: The pro-acetycholine, anti-inflammatory, and moderate pro-dopamine-enhancement. MoodMax (click here for detail) and the anti-degeneration vision formula VitaSee (click here for detail) for young people who want to improve and restore their deteriorating vision due to excessive stress or sexual exhaustion.  The retinal dopamine and cholinergic/NO-ergic nervous function are responsible for a faster response and eye blood circulation to clarify the GABAergic function during light transition from dark to bright. MoodMax can also reduce eyeball inflammation and pupil dilation that cause blurry vision. MoodMax contains acetylcholine precursor and arterial relaxation herbs to maintain the visual nervous sensitivity and blood circulation under stress. MoodMax has demonstrated nervous sensing benefits in vision, taste and hearing improvement and restoration, as listed in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/relate.htm (click here) where you can search "MoodMax" to find them out.

Some people experience instantaneous eye floater during light transition. A faster retinal dopaminergic nervous action in clearing GABA will solve this problem. The fastest vision sensing response to light transition requires both dopaminergic and cholinergic nervous action in the sensing and transmission circuits. MoodMax can prolong the central nervous system to release both neurotransmitters to achieve seeing longer and clearer without eyeball inflammation.

MOODM.jpg MoodMax, 60 Tablets
1-014, MoodMax, 60 tablets for men and women (age 18-30 ).
Detoxify the prostate (for improving non-bacteria prostatitis or enlargement), power the brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin systems for anti-depression, anti-fatigue, good mood, improving genital blood circulation, improving erectile function and nervous control, restoration of exhaustion symptoms, restore the prostate functions, release young women's PreMenstrual Symdrome (PMS) and sex pain and cramp, detoxify the uterus and cervix, and improve tissues and arterial dilation. It is good for your vision (non-organic eye floater) and hearing.
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VitaSee-thumbnail.jpg VitaSee
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VitaSee is the most effective supplement for vision support. It can help you to improve or restore the exhausted or stressed-out visual nerves, reduce eyeball inflammation that gives your blurry vision, and slow down visual degeneration, although it won't help you to see through a cloth. When your vision starts to deteriorate by whatever reasons such as sexual exhaustion, excessive stress, or natural aging, you should take it daily.

Why is VitaSeethe most effective supplement for vision support? The main ingredients are listed in http://vitasee.com/Vitasee.htm and outlined below:

The label: