0-003 Vacuum-cupping Massage Tool Set + DVD

cuppingset.jpg Vacuum-cupping Massage Tool Set + DVD
Description: Vacuum-Cupping Massage is the most effective method to remove your blood congestion in any places of your body, including the genital area. Its purpose is to improve your fuel (blood) line and electric (Chi) circuits in your body. It also removes pain, chronic fatigue, and numbness out of your body by de-congesting the blood clogs that compress your nerves and interrupt your acupuncture bio-eletrical (bio-energy) channels. For examples, during 1993-1994, pain and numbness in my low and upper body, feet and hands were resolved by this method. We have also found that the vacuum-cupping massage can also stimulate beta-endorphin release and prostaglandins E1/E3 production for healing, in addition to improving blood circulation.
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