3-001 Heat Tea & 3-005 LastLonger

HEAT.jpg Heat Tea ( = Viagrowth-III, PeniSOS, 1-oz Fibra, & 2-oz Energia)
3-001, Heat Tea (updated May 20th, 2007), consisting of 2-oz Energia,& Fibra (1-oz each), and PeniSOS (60tabs) &, ViaGrowth-III (60tabs) 45-60 day supply. For more information please click http://www.actionlove.com/herbs/heat.htm ; take a look at ViaGrowth-III, PeniSOS, Fibra, and Energia.
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LASTLONGER.jpg LastLonger (= MoodMax + Ginseng 4X+)
3-005, LastLonger, consisting of MoodMax and Ginseng 4X+ (2-oz) ,20-40 uses, for young people of age 21-25; improve parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous function and control power in the pelvic cavity; Improve prostate, urethral, uterus and bladder nervous continence control. Click this link "LastLonger" here for more information.
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