1-016 DopaFibra, 1-017 DeToxiA, & 1-018 ArgiNOx

DOPAF.jpg DopaFibra, 60 Tablets
1-016, DopaFibra , 60 tablets, 30-60 day supply. This formula is the most powerful herbal dopamine-enhancement formula for high-performance men and women, but not for people with with heart/high-blood-pressure conditions.
For the best result, take it with any ViaGrowth product.
For more information about the DopaFibra ingredients, please click this link -
If you have anxiety and any serotonin nervous disorders (or take any psychiotic medication drugs), please take ArgiNOx (1-018) or ViaPal-hGH-N(3-017) and PinealTonin(2-002) instead.

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DETOXIA.jpg DeToxiA, 60 Tablets
1-017, DeToxiA, 60 tablets - nutrients for diabetes patients and drug abusers, 30 day supply.
(Detoxifys/cleanses the liver, Pancreases, kidney, gallbladder and blood damaged/polluted by drugs, alcohol, medication, pesticide, hormonal replacement drugs, and birth control pills; includes D-Limonene and Indole-3-Carbinol for reduction of the harmful liver enzyme aromatase; burns blood sugar. For more information about the DeToxiA ingredients, please click this link - DeToxiA

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ARGINOX.jpg ArgiNOx, 180 Capsules (Sept, 2014)
Item 1-018 ArgiNOx, also known as Argi94NOx which means "ArgiNine(9) for(4) Nitric Oxide (NO) and oXytocin production," is formulated to help the pituitary pump out more oxytocin and the cardio system pump more blood flow to the pelvic area, stabilize the blood pressure and cardio output, and enhance the liver detoxification and urea cycle (removing the amonia waste from the blood stream) with L-Arginine, L-Arginine Pyroglutamate, L-Ornithine and L-Cirtrulline . NO is the 2nd neurotransmitter in the parasympathetic nervous endings of the blood vessels, responsible for exerting the dilation effect of the blood vessels via dilator cGMP. This is what the parasympathetic nervous erectile mechanism, acetylcholine-NO-cGMP, is all about. This product powers the Oxytocinergic and NOergic nervous function in the brain (the hypothalamus (in the paraventricular (PVN), supraoptic (SON), and anterior commissural (ACN) nuclei ) and pituitary glands), heart, liver and pelvic/genital organs, and is very useful for people with high-blood pressure or cardiovascular conditions, on-birth-control women, exhausted young men, aged men and women, drug abusers of all ages,.!.
For more information, please click this link - ArgiNOx
The most effective way to use this product is to take it with ViaGrowth-IV, MoodMax, DopaFibra(not good for cardio disorders or high-blood pressure patients), DeToxiA, 5-HTP and Fish Oil.
Take 1 tablet 2 or 3 times a day in an empty stomach.
Warning: Don't take this ArgiNOx if you are a herpes carrier since the dosage of L-arginine in this product may trigger herpes outbreak. Please note that herpes carriers should take a high dose of L-Lysine.
Note: The new version of ArgiNOx with 180 capsules per bottle will be available in Sept., 2014. The new 2014 version of ArgiNOx has 180 capsules per bottle, instead of 90 tablets. ArgiNOx 180 Capsules

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